IT Infrastructure

Infrastructure & Cloud Services

Cloud Services deals with all solutions, tools and processes that are necessary to provide the defined IT infrastructures including the applications.

Cloud Services contains the following sub-topics:

  • Virtualisation and Platforms
  • Big Data
  • Infrastructure Outsourcing
  • Kondor-As-A-Service (KaaS)


Virtualisation and Platforms

This topic deals with:

  • All kinds of VIRTUALISATION, which are now the core of all IT infrastructures. Regardless of whether it is Server Virtualisation (including product specific knowledge in VMware VSphere, Microsoft HyperV, Citrix Xenserver), Client Virtualisation (including product specific knowledge in VMware Horizon) or Network Virtualisation (including product specific knowledge in VMware NSX)
  • The design and setup of PLATFORMS. Platforms (which can be created on the server operating system, client, database or middleware level) are used to deliver high quality and very flexible services “upstairs” with minimised infrastructure costs. They also enable easier Data centre automation. Platforms do not only cover a technical aspect but also standardised processes and a supporting organisation


Big Data Management

This topic deals with important tools that are necessary to deal with Big Data:

  • The MarkLogic NO-SQL database where we have a strong partnership
  • Splunk, Graylog2 and Logstash for Logfile Management
  • Elastic for complex searches in big data stores as well as logfiles
  • Hadoop/HadoopFS as the base storage which is more and more used when it comes to big data


Infrastructure Outsourcing

Be TSE provides infrastructure outsourcing consulting for all sizes of customers and infrastructure outsourcing for small to medium sized companies. We can also assist with all aspects surrounding the creation of private or hybrid-clouds or the migration of public, private or hybrid-clouds

Infrastructure outsourcing consulting:

  • Deals with the question “what should I outsource”
  • Helps searching for the best outsourcing partner
  • Supports the setup of the corresponding internal control organisations
  • Supports Migration projects


Infrastructure outsourcing enables small to medium size customers to outsource the whole server and application landscape to Be TSE. If the customer is a financial institution, we can deliver a one-stop-shop outsourcing where we are not only responsible for the server landscape, but also for the application landscape including 1st level support and application and technical 2nd level support.

We achieve this through a combination of all topics within the IT infrastructure and Service Management area and all other business areas within Be Group.

  • Virtualisation and Platforms enables us to move your server landscape regardless if the target is another own data center, shared white space, shared rack space or a cloud provider
  • IT Service Management enables us to setup or migrate all tools and processes to manage your server and application landscape wherever they will be in the future
  • The business-related areas front-2-back-office, market-data, commercial/ retail-banking and cash-management/ payments deliver all the application specific knowledge that is necessary to plan, build and run the new setup from an application point of view
  • Infrastructure outsourcing consulting controls and manages all tasks and people to deliver an integrated solution tailored to the needs of the specific customer which can be easily managed in the future


Kondor-As-A-Service (KaaS)

Kondor-As-A-Service is the first service offering and combining Financial consulting and trading. KaaS offers Kondor no longer installed on premise at customer site but in the cloud and fully managed by Be TSE. There are different offerings that provide the following advantages to customers:

  • It enables small customers to gain access to Kondor+ functionality:
    • without the need for high capex investments for the Kondor-Infrastructure
    • without any investments in Kondor+-upgrades
    • without any needs for Kondor+-administrative knowledge
  • It enables existing Kondor+-customers to outsource the overall Kondor-environment to Be TSE:
    • without any further investments in Kondor+-upgrades
    • no need for Kondor
    • any further capex investments
  • in addition, we provide:
    • like scale-up for performance tests
    • long-term archiving for Kondor+-data