Market Data & Cost Control

targit GmbH offers comprehensive consulting services for a Strategic Market Data Management comprising the optimisation of processes, a demand-based adaption of market data contracts and cost control as well as cost reductions.


Consulting MD management


Process Optimisation

  • Analysis and optimisation of the current roles and processes.
  • Harmonisation and Optimisation of contracts and establishing an active license management
  • Support in case of an Audit either case-by-case or by establishing an adequate standard approach


Market data Compliance

  • Compliance QuickCheck: Collection and quantification of inherent risks in data usage.
  • Structured analysis to identify and eliminate non-compliant market data usage.
  • Market Data Map: Centralised gathering and visualisation of market data flows.


Cost optimisation

  • Structured analysis of market data demands and cost-effective supply of applied systems and applications.
  • Evaluation of the desktop terminal landscape with reference to possible cost reductions.


Modernisation and Optimisation of the market data IT landscape


Review market data architecture und systems

  • Technical integration of feeds, terminals and platforms.
  • Business Analysis, workflow design, etc. for securities master- and price data.
  • Extensions of applications’ permissioning.
  • Implementation of new or expanding existing systems of processing market data


Your benefits:

Over the past 15 years targit GmbH has carried out a large number of projects in the market and master data area. Our staff members therefore have an impressive expertise in this area. Contact us with your ideas, demands and plans!

targit GmbH – Your reliable partner for projects related to market and master data.