IT Service Management

With the introduction of outsourcing and cloud services, the need for IT Service Management (ITSM) is still very prevalent. Outsourcing often makes ITSM more critical, more complex and difficult as many solutions are not fit for purpose in an IT environment in which information is incomplete and scattered over outsourcers, cloud providers and internal IT solutions.

Be TSE offers a complete spectrum of consulting services covering the full life cycle of all ITIL processes and functions. Be TSE has extensive know how and experience and a proven track record in change management, configuration management, release and deployment management as well as monitoring and service impact management.

Change, Configuration and Release Management

Change, Configuration and Release Management as well as the Deployment are important elements of the technical framework of application platforms or any other development / runtime environment, irrespective of their integration levels. No single solution available on the market today, fully delivers the functionality required in state of the art application development and delivery processes and environments. Currently, this can only be achieved with “buy and make” solutions; a semi-bespoke integration and extension layer that is built on top of standard solutions.

Be TSE carried out a number of integration projects in this area successfully, which comprise both technical and process integration.

Additionally, we provide product specific know how in solutions including BMC ITSM suite, BMC Bladelogic for servers and clients, Microsoft SCCM and SCOM, HP Asset Manager, iET, Bootix BMA, Puppet, Salt, Spacewalk, and Satellite.


Service Impact Management and Monitoring

Service Impact Management is a function and process in which events are mapped to services. It provides information about ‘what, ‘why’ and ‘how’ services are impacted, allowing derived activities to start in order to reduce downtimes and minimise impacts. There are several critical activities which decide if an implemented SIM solution is really a benefit and a step forward or not.

The importance of Service Impact Management grew in recent years, as many companies migrate to a service based offering. As a consequence monitoring is required, both on a component- and on a service level.

Most outsourcing and cloud projects once again require comprehensive and flexible Service Impact Management. Outsourcing and cloud projects have two important Service Impact Management characteristics: the speed of changes in the infrastructure increases and elements of monitoring activities are considered to be a “black box”, because they are the responsibility of the outsourcer. Nevertheless, the overall responsibility for the services lies firmly with the customer.

In addition to the “art of monitoring and service impact management” Be TSE has product specific knowledge for Service Impact Management solutions, including IBM Netcool family, BMC Truesight family and Leuteks ZIS family, but also more traditional monitoring solutions such as BMC Performance Manager, IBM Netcool, Nagios and Zabbix.

In collaboration with our colleagues from the business-related areas we also provide in-depth know how related to the integration of critical applications into monitoring and Service Impact Management processes.


Your Benefits:

Be TSE has a proven track record in creating solutions which are well integrated in a wide range of IT environments. They meet and exceed functional requirements, are cost effective and flexible. A key ingredient in their success is the high abstraction level of the implementations, which is designed to keep pace with changing conditions in the IT landscape. Cost-efficiency and flexibility are two sides of the same coin and striking the right balance is key.

Your investment will see a rapid return and is sustainable, even in a rapidly changing environment. We create solutions which are neither a “one hit wonders” nor a “promise of an ever receding golden future”.