Near Shore Services

Be Group is supporting «Leading Financial Institutions» and major «Insurance players» through a superior ability in managing complexity due to transformation initiatives, innovation programs and compliance matters.

We serve our clients in accomplishing their major challenges:

  • Rethinking their business
  • Managing Digital Revolution
  • Solving Regulatory Issues
  • Excelling in Operations
  • Raise Performance & Risk Control


We offer our clients and partners a peerless and unevaluable service:

  • The outstanding talent and specialisation of our professionals
  • A deep company knowledge of financial and insurance matters
  • A unique positioning in the middle field between strategy and ICT solutions
  • Our standing of preferred consultants of some of the industry leaders in major banks & institutions
  • An already consistent vision of European market and a real multicultural environment due to our presence in 9 different countries
  • A continuous search for the improvement of our performance, a relentless passion for excellence


Be Group has a proven and effective methodology in managing nearshore services leveraging on Be Poland team.

Our key factors are:

  • Deep knowledge of the underlying business
  • Deep knowledge of customer processes and counterparts
  • Strong physical presence on the customer premises
  • Strong nearshore practice based on a young, flexible and competent team