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Be prepared for SFTR: targit (Member of Be) @ Finanzplatztag

targit GmbH26.02.2019

targit GmbH (Member of Be) will be taking part in the “12. Finanzplatztag der WM Gruppe” from the 6th-7th March 2019 in Frankfurt, Germany.
In the context of this event we will be giving a lecture “Be prepared for SFTR” that addresses the consequences the newest section of regulations will have on financial players. In a 45min talk Peter Pescheck (Head of Business Solutions at targit GmbH) will describe which measures must be taken by affected market participants in order to successfully meet the new reporting-requirements. Throughout the event our experts will be available to answer any additional questions relating to the topic of SFTR, as well as our service portfolio.

Further information on the event, the topics and the agenda can be found here: