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Be GmbH @ International Collateral Management Forum

Be Shaping the Future (AT)17.11.2020

On the 26th and 27th of September, specialists from Be GmbH took part in the International Collateral Management Forum in Vienna. The participating employees of Be GmbH moderated the panel discussion on Regulatory Reporting.

The event was attended by numerous delegates and speakers from regulatory authorities, transaction registers, financial institutions, service and solution providers, experts and managers.

It was not only a conference, but a great place and an excellent opportunity for networking, knowledge and experience exchange on various topics such as collateral management, margining, regulatory reporting and clearing.

The panel participants of the “Regulatory Reporting” discussion, presented very interesting examples, views and opinions from practical experience, which was one of the main objectives of the panel – to broaden the understanding of the reporting challenges and how to deal with them.

Given the feedback from the audience and delegates, the Forum was able to communicate its core messages so that the next events will certainly continue to take place and we will be proud to be involved.

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