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Our small forest

by Be Shaping the Future (DE) | 08.06.2022

We are pleased and proud to announce that 2000 trees have been planted in the name of Be Shaping The Future. The [...]

Fire-and-forget or -track? Reducing complexity with managed services

by Be Shaping the Future (DE) | 02.07.2021

Financial technology providers have seen a sharp increase in customer demand for managed services in recent years [...]


by Be Shaping the Future (AT) | 23.06.2021

At Be, we live diversity, respect and tolerance in our daily interaction. There is no place for exclusion or [...]

Managed Services in Banking: What are the key factors for a successful [...]

by Be Shaping the Future (DE) | 09.06.2021

There are many reasons why managed services in banking make sense, especially for small and medium-sized banks, due [...]

Test Persons wanted for a Banking Product

by Be Shaping the Future (AT) | 19.05.2021

We are looking for test persons for a bank product who want to test the product on 1-2 days starting in September. [...]

Lange Nacht der Bewerbung

by Be Shaping the Future (AT) | 04.05.2021