Declaration of consent to store and process personal data

I hereby express my consent to the storage and processing of my personal data contained within the application documents transferred in the course of the application process by the following

Be Shaping the Future GmbH

Arabellastraße 30

81925 Munich

Telephone: +49 89 517397-0

Telefax: +49 89 517397-77


The data that will be processed includes the personal data (first name, surname, birthdate, e-mail, telephone/mobile number and type of employment permit) denoted in the application form, as well as all data contained within any other application documents imparted to us. In the course of the application process this data will be transferred between entities of the affiliated group to Austria, Italy and Switzerland.

Your personal data will be processed exclusively within the context of the application process and will be deleted at the latest after 6 months.

I hereby confirm that I have read and acknowledge the Privacy Policy of Be Shaping the Future GmbH ( I am aware of the rights I am entitled to as according to the General Data Protection Regulation and that I have been adequately informed of these.

I am aware that I am able to demand complete disclosure of my personal data stored by Be Shaping the Future GmbH and can request their deletion. In order to exercise these rights, you only have to send an informal message to