Managed & Near Shore Services

Professional Services is your solution i.e. for test management, architectural consulting or project consulting.

Be Shaping the Future does not only provide you with professional consulting and recruitment, but enables you to deliver tasks, managed by Be Shaping the Future as your Managed Service Provider (MSP). Hence, you will reach a higher degree of flexibility and be able to expect a 360° service for your application management or compliance management as well as for many other applications.

Our focal point “architectural consulting” supports you in analysing and planning of target architectures. Together with our clients, we develop decision-making documents that are convincing. If needed, we provide business cases, SWOT analysis, blue prints, white papers, decision matrices, risk and dependency considerations, process strategies, trend analysis and more.

Our focal point “test management” supports the organisation and development of automated test frameworks – the modeling of standardised acceptance tests is also a proven task field of Be Shaping the Future.

Our focal point ​​”project consulting” looks i.e. after the successful realisation of Project Management Offices (PMO). Our in-house recruiting will ensure the individual staffing of your IT project needs. As a focal part of our services, Be Shaping the Future will provide you with its own, qualified staff or, depending on your needs, provide you with a candidate match from the market, we will recruit, validate, present, coach and manage the accounting.

Our customers will gain an additional advantage in using Be Shaping the Future’s Near Shoring Model. We hereby recruit and staff qualified personnel from European Near Shoring countries. From its subsidiaries in Warsaw and Bucharest, Be Shaping the Future is able to provide you with a 360° Near Shoring Model in Poland and/or Romania. This enables us to manage the complete project portfolio of our international clients as well as a consulting service and the according infrastructure (office, IT, etc.).

Your benefits:

Be Shaping the Future offers you a 360° service, enabling you to focus on your core business. In addition, we integrate the advantages of Near Shoring in order to efficiently combine quality with cost optimisation.