Kondor+ Migration for a Bank Merger

Kondor+ migration for a bank merger: Static data migration Trade data migration Backoffice migration Automatic reconciliation of the data migration

Development of a Portfolio Trading System

Development of a Portfolio Trading System: Complete portfolios and baskets are bought from funds and customers the baskets are received...

System Integration and Interfacing Development for a Repo and Security Lending Trading System

Integration of the repo trading system ARTS: Technical system integration Interfacing ARTS to market data feeds, static data feeds, backoffice,...

Business and Technical Administration of Kondor+

Support of the trading and business departments Maintenance and administration of the Kondor+ business setup Technical administration of the Kondor+...

Concept for Kondor+ Enhancements in order to introduce the K+ Repo Module

Specification of the business requirements for the Kondor+ repo module Rough concept for necessary customisations in Kondor+

Kondor+ Customisation

Development of various customised windows, import interfaces and SQL reports for Kondor+ for checking market conformity of derivative trades and...

Rough Concept for Interfacing Kondor+ to Backoffice System DCM (Diagram)

Specifications for: Enhancements of Kondor+ for position keeping and the administration of the synthetic currency basket SAL in order to...

Performance Analysis of the Sources of the K+TP Backoffice System

Performance and throughput tests for the workflow of the K+TP backoffice system Usage of the IBM "Rational Quantify" tool in...

Development of the SWIFT Module for the KTP/K+TP Backoffice System

Development of a SWIFT module for the KTP backoffice system: MQ based connection to SWIFT FIN TibRV based connection to...

Implementation of SWIFT ISO15022 Messages from SWIFT to KTP/K+TP

Automatic validation of MT5xx and ISO15022 Swift messages Conversion of MT5xx and ISO15022 messages between XML and FIN format

Kondor+ System Administration (Technical, Business)

Technical and business integration of the Kondor+ Dealing 2000 interface Technical and business integration of the market conformity module MCM...

Static Data and Trade Data Migration for a Bank Merger and setup of the traders’ working environment

Static data migration (counterparty, folder, portfolio and branch consolidation) into Kondor+ and backoffice system Trade data migration for FX and...

Operations and Administration of various Trading Systems

Operation of standard systems (Front Arena, Summit, Thomson Reuters, Sophis, Murex) and client specific application in various banks - Onsite...

Implementation of a Middleware Platform

Evaluation and implementation of a Middleware Platform to increase throughput and decrease number of interfaces

Development of a Message Broker for SophisRisque

Enrichment of equity derivate trades from Sophis Risque by further data in order to deliver all needed information to the...

Development of a Refinancing Tool for non-Local Currency Cashflows

Cashflows from non FX trades are sent to the refinancing application by MQSeries. Non EUR cashflows are aggregated according to...

Refinancing of Interests for FX and Money Market Cashflows

FX and money market cashflows are aggregated according to their currency and folder. They will be refinanced in the money...

Online Interface from Kondor+ and Murex to the Limex Limit Controlling System

Creating an Online link from Kondor+ and Murex to the Limex Limit Controlling System. The trades are checked online, whether...

Business Administration of Murex

Business administration of the Murex trading system: Setup of Murex. Coordination of needed customisations for Murex with the treasury department....

Business Administration of Kondor+

Business administration of the Murex trading system: Setup of Murex Coordination of needed customisations for Murex with the treasury department...

Online and Batch Interface from Front Arena to Kondor+ in order to Refinance non Local Currency Cashflows

FX refinancing of non EUR cashflows from interest rate derivate trades Online refinancing of nominal payments and fees Batch refinancing...

System Consolidation and System Choice for an Equity Trading Department

Proposal for the consolidation of the trading systems of an equity trading department. Inquiry of the detailled requirements for the...

Implementation of an Interface from Kondor+ to B+S Backoffice System

Implementation of an bidirectional Interface from Kondor+ to B+S Backoffice System

Implementation of a Web-based Application for Surveying Rate Limits in Equity Portfolios and Informing Customers by SMS

Development of parts of a direct brokers web appearance: Via the web interface customers can request for email or SMS...

Integration of an OTC Limit Orders Feature for a Direct Broker

Integration of an OTC Limit Orders Feature for a Direct Broker Specification, consulting and implementation coordination for introducing OTC orders...

Online Interface for Market Data to a Host Based Application via a Cobol API

Development of a host based API for data access to tdist market data from the host: The Cobol API can...

Migration of Trade Data from Kondor+ and Panorama to Calypso

Migration of trades (Fixed income, interest derivates) from Kondor+ and Panorama to Calypso

Development of Kondor+ Customised Windows for Repo and Security Lending Trades

Development of Kondor+ customised windows in order to enhance the standard functionality of repo and security lending trades: Collateralised security...

Trade interface between Kondor+ and Calypso for money market deals

Trade interface between Kondor+ and Calypso for money market deals: - Implementation of customised windows for additional back office information...

Maintenance, development and release upgrades for Kondor+ add on products of Thomson Reuters

Maintenance, development and release upgrades for Kondor+ add on products of Thomson Reuters: - MCM, MCM D, MCM H -...

Implementation of interfaces for the integration of Kondor+ 3.0 in multi entity mode

Implementation of interfaces for the integration of Kondor+ 3.0 in multi entity mode

Implementation of an ITAN solutionfor a direct broker

Project management for the direct broker Realisation of a requirements catalogue and the business concepts

Maintenance project Kondor+

Implementation of procedures, which are used in the Kondor+ batch

Migration of SQL stored procedures from Kondor+ 2.6 to Kondor+ 3.0

Migration of K+3.0 SQL stored procedures, test and integration

Release Upgrade ION Anvil from version 7.2 to 8.4

Release Upgrade ION Anvil from version 7.2 to 8.4

Migration OPUS – Calypso

Support in the data migration from OPUS to Calypso

FX P&L analysis

Analysis of differences of FX P&L between Front Office and Accounting, P&L transition between Front Office and Accounting

Strengthening investor’s rights

Implementation of law for strengthening investor's rights - implementation of an application for maintaining the advisory workflow

Implementation of K+TP

Implementation of K+TP, Test management

Operating support for Martini

Operating support for existing Martini installation, project work, reporting with Crystal Reports

Consulting and supporting the standardisation of core banking systems

Consulting and support with the focus on retail and corporate underwriting, special accounts (restructuring) and strategic risk-management

K+ 3.0 Upgrade

Supporting the phase of the project setup and defining workstreams

K+TP interfaces

Support and development of interfaces connecting K+TP and banking systems

Replacement of a bank’s proprietary market data display application for its employees by Thomson Reuters Wealth Manager Germany

Replacement of a proprietary market data display application for bank employees of the headquarter, branch offices and affiliates by Thomson...

Implementation of a SIX Telekurs realtime market data feed for a retail brokerage application

Connecting a retail brokerage application to the SIX Telekurs realtime market data feed MDF select, replacement of the previous market...

Connecting Morcom / Trading Screen to Kondor+

Connecting the trading platforms of TradingScreen and Morcom to the position keeping system Kondor+ for transfering option and future deals

product (information) leaflet

Implementation of the legislative requirements for the generation of product information leaflets as part of the advisory services securities for...

Application Management ADIOS

Application management for the application ADIOS – Production support, control of extensions, development of extensions, release management

Introduction of APEX

Implementation of Sungard APEX to support the equity trading of the US Broker Dealers Unicredit LLC

Integration of MarkitWire with Kondor+

Integration of the ETC platform Markitwire with Kondor+ for an automated Upload of IRS to Kondor+

Support for the Counterparty Management

Implementation of BAFIN and FSA Requirements with respect to the documentation in the counterparty Management

Business Consulting Calypso

Business Consulting for the Migration and introduction of OTC derivatives to Calypso - Mapping Trade Import, Design and Implementation of...

Application Management Calypso

Application management for Calypso: Production support, Analysis and resolution of defects, Test, Support for releases

Migration of CAIB into Unicredit AG

Migration of the market access of Bank Austria into to Unicredit AG - Replace the broker business of Unicredit CAIB...

Datamart Reporting FX Options

Implementation and Support of Reporting for FX Options in Murex MXG 2000

Integration of Calypso with KGR

Integration of Calypso with KGR - Market and trade data are handled in Calypso.  The VaR is calculated via KGR

Implementation of Claims Manager

Introduction of the software Claims Manager of the company “Merit” in order to automate the dividend process for the securities...

Migration of Interest rate and credit derivatives from Front Arena to Murex

Migration of Front Arena to Murex: Analysis of interfaces from Front Arena as blue print for the Murex migration team,...

Migration Backofficesystem for Repo and Securities Lending

Description of the business requirements for the migration from Repo and Securities Lending Trades with consideration of existing business specifications...

Migration Backoffice for Salestrades in the existing Backoffice-Configuration for K+TP

Specification of the necessary changes and enhancements of the current K+TP configuration (MM deals) to be able to migrate the...

Introduction of an Enterprise Data Management (EDM) solution at an investment bank

Introduction of an Enterprise Data Management (EDM) solution focussed on security master data (futures, options), integration of Bloomberg Data Licence...

Summit Production Support

Production Support for the Frontoffice System Summit

Summit Development

Development of Summit Enhancements and Reports

Kondor+ Upgrade

Functional Analysis and development for the Kondor+ Upgrade

Front Arena Business Support

Front Arena for Users from Markets and Risk Controlling - Business Support and Change Requests

Front Arena Development

Development for Front Arena - Front Office Valuation Methods, Implementation of Clearing as of EMIR, Production Support

Hedging Platform Calypso

Implementation of a Hedging Platform for a reinsurer - System selection Murex vs. Calypso, Functional Business Analysis for Calypso, System...

Management Calypso Integration and Testenvironments

Management of the Calypso Test - and UAT Environment: Releasemanagement, Setup of Test environments

Trioptima Run Kondor+

Functional Analysis and Implementation of a Tool to Support a Trioptima Run for Portfolio Reduction

Global Trade repository solution

Implementation of a global plattform to connect to Trade Repository

FX Management

Business analysis and conception for FX Management: - Reconciliation of FX Cashflows between FO, BO and Accounting - Conception of...

P&L Reconciliation

Reconciliation of the economic P&L from Front Office to the P&L of Accounting: - Separation of Interest, FX and Commissions...

Advisory Portal – prestudy

pre-study for make/buy decision for a branch application for global advisory, which covers the following workflows: need analysis, risk profiling,...

Postbox system

Implementation of a global postbox architecture for the HVB direct banking channel

OPUS Replacement – phase 1

replacement of OPUS with Kondor : confirmations and interfaces

OPUS maintenance

Maintenance of OPUS - second and third level support

Pre-Study Gold trading

prestudy to enable gold trading with physical delivery for retail customers


integration of a new market data provider for commercial banking customers (intranet & internet)

Kondor Consolidation

Integrating an existing Kondor instance into a running global Kondor system while merging processes, interfaces and responsibilities including migration of...

Implementation of MiFID II in the Commercial Banking Sector

Analysis and implementation of the MiFID II regulatory requirements for the entire commercial banking sector of a major international bank....


Conception and implementation of a performance-engine for bonds