Alternative Market Data Supply in Kondor+

New Possibilities and Challenges

After having sold the Kondor+ Suite to Misys, Thomson Reuters (TR) changed its position into a third-party vendor and technology provider. Since the consequent binding to Thomson Reuters as the only realtime market data vendor no longer exists, it is now possible to consume realtime market data via alternative vendors. Furthermore there is another issue with the current Kondor+ architecture, which has not yet been entirely resolved. Exchanges are requesting evidences with an ever higher frequency, such as which user at which time consumed which data via Kondor+. This requires a permissioning on end user level. If that is not possible, as it is currently in Kondor+, the whole user base is considered fee-liable. The practice of the so called Honesty Statements to define the number of fee-liable users will no longer be accepted.

The current market data architecture of Kondor+ was characterised by the following limitations:

  • De-facto definition of Thomson Reuters as realtime market data provider, consumption linked to TR Backbone
  • Close technical interconnections with TR Backbone, also regarding the internal K+ communication
  • Lack of entitlement management and access control on end user level (no OpenDACS), risk of penalties from wrong declarations

The new architecture using the DRT

Since Kondor+ 3.3SP3 the market data supply is also possible using the central Misys component DRT alternatively. With version 3.4.3 released at end of March 2016, this will even be a mandatory setup. The limitations of the previous architecture are largely resolved.

Benefits of the new DRT architecture:

  • Unrestricted choice and simplified connection of different realtime data providers
  • Entitlement of market data on end user level (Thomson Reuters via OpenDACS, fully implemented with K+ version 3.4.3 / released end of March 2016)
  • Reduction of the dependency on the technology provider Thomson Reuters
  • All products of the Misys CM Fusion Platform can be supplied with market data centrally

The DRT is a Windows component and is the bridge between the market data vendors and the different Misys applications, which are grouped under the Capital Markets Fusion Platform (Kondor+, Summit, Sophis, etc.). For Kondor+ customers, who are not planning to migrate to the new DRT architecture in the near future, Misys still offers the current market data supply with Thomson Reuters using the so called legacy mode, at least for the medium term.


Service catalog of Be Shaping the Future GmbH

Be GmbH adapted its services to this changed situation at an early stage and offers the following services around this topic:

  • Compliance Quick Check
    Short analysis of the K+ installation regarding market data compliance
  • Introduction of the DRT incl. OpenDACS:
    From concept and installation to the test-phase and the go-live
  • Change of data vendor
    Introduction of a new market data vendor for Kondor+
  • Custom Quote Adapter
    Planning, development and introduction of custom made solutions for the connection of alternative market data sources