DAAS: Data Analyzer-As-A-Service

Market data is a significant cost factor for financial institutions.

It is required by many applications and banks are forced to improve understanding of their own market data usage in order to identify saving potential.


The DAAS periodically reports key figures on market data usage in applications.

A modern Web UI offers a clipped and precise overview and provides flexible data analysis whereas the data can be analysed in detail.

These tools enable you to smoothly obtain control of market data usage:

Application Usage, Unique Usage, Exclusive Usage, Concrete/IDN Service Usage und QuickCheck.


Your benefits:


  • Convenient overview of Thomson Reuters market data usage
  • Highly flexible and adjustable aggregation levels
  • Complete historisation of regular analysis runs
  • Immediate identification of outliers and cost drivers
  • Advanced drill-down, even down to RIC-Level


This enables you to smoothly obtain control of market data usage.