Multi Vendor Distribution & Contribution Plattform

tarics+ resolves the dependencies between infrastructure providers and data suppliers.

The use of an open interface standard makes it possible to harmonize heterogeneous system landscapes into a standardized platform, which is called tarics+.

All data traffic is routed and managed via tarics+. Entitlement processes, the creation of reports, authorization concepts, and much more can be standardized, thus considerably reducing the effort involved.

In addition, tarics+ allows you to obtain data from the suppliers that most efficiently meet your individual needs.


  • is independent of software manufacturers and data suppliers
  • has a consistent authorization concept
  • offers high performance and stability
  • offers a variety of functions to transform market data (shredding, merging, calculation rules, etc.)
  • has a simple and fair licensing model
  • enables easy connection and maintenance of data sources (vendors, stock exchanges, rating agencies, etc.), applications, databases, etc.