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Jennifer Weisl

Jennifer Weisl

PMO (Project Management Office) @ Be STF Austria

When did you join Be AT? 

I am happily “work-married” with Be since September 2021!

As a relative new joiner, how did you find your onboarding experience? 

I was really excited for my first day and to finally see our beautiful office since my interviews had to take place online due to COVID. I was warmly welcomed by my colleagues and managers and after an introductory coffee, I had my first meeting about the current projects and my future tasks. Having a mentor by my side for the first few months was also really helpful but the open communication policy at Be actually allows you to ask anyone if you have any questions or issues. Only after a few days I already felt like „home“ and I totally forgot that I actually just started here – That’s the Be Family magic.

What made you decide to join Be AT? 

The first thing I thought when I heard about Be STF was: “that sounds like a pretty innovative place, I mean even the name is pointing towards their clear vision”. As I was further researching I loved the claim of flat hierarchies and space for personal development. As often as you read statements like that – at BE it seemed like they really mean it. And after my first interview I was certain: that’s the place I want to share my knowledge with and where I want to grow as a professional.

How would you describe Be AT‘s culture? 

What I love about it is that it is indescribably unique and diverse. I work together with colleagues from Spain, Germany, Pakistan, France, Serbia and many many more. And even though we do not have the same mother tongue, we speak the same language. We worship and respect each other, can leverage from the different perspectives that come from our diversity and never forgot to have fun in the process. Combine professional and diverse working partnerships with a lot of opportunities to learn and grow, add some table tennis breaks during lunch time – there you got our BE culture ?

If you had the opportunity to write a message on a plane (with a flag behind), what would it be?

It would probably be something like:
Take all the opportunities you get in life: to learn, to grow, to make memories and to take another glass of wine!

What are your goals to achieve for the next year? 

One of my main goals for next year is to finish my master‘ degree in international management/CEMS. Studying and working at Be at the same time has been challenging but also very rewarding. Furthermore, I will spend the next few months in Finland to complete my exchange semester. I am really exited for the times ahead but even more exited to bring back my newly gained insights and memories from abroad back to Be in January. At this point I also want to express how thankful I am that Be provided me with the opportunity to go on my Master’s exchange semester and seamlessly come back afterwards!

And finally… any interesting hobbies you want to share?

Apart from some typical stuff like in general being outside and doing Yoga, I enjoy myself a lot doing Origami. So whenever there’s a nice decorative bird needed somewhere, I am your specialist 😉


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