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Mario Banay

Mario Banay

Software Developer @ Be STF Austria

When did you start working at Be AT? 

September 2021

What does a typical day @ Be look like for you?

I turn on my PC around 8 o’clock, set the goals for the day, and start with the most urgent topic, which is usually some customer problem that needs an urgent fix. Around 10 a.m., we have a ‘daily’ meeting to catch up with the team and discuss the current situation. After the daily meeting, I continue to work on new features or support colleagues with their tasks. Throughout the day, there are also a couple of meetings with colleagues or customers. When there are no other urgent tasks, I focus on fixing less critical bugs and writing documentation, which is still important.

What projects have you worked on since you joined Be AT? 

After joining Be, we undertook a significant project to implement the new version of our tecconTR application for regulatory reporting and tailored it to meet the needs of our customers. Later, I worked on improving the software and providing support for customers. After 2 years, I was asked to assist in the development of a new website for one of our customers. It was exciting and challenging because it was a large system, and the client is one of the leading brands in the banking industry.

How have you found the hybrid working environment? 

I like the flexibility and possibility to choose to work sometimes from home and not having to spend hours commuting every day, which also allows me to start working earlier and finish later, as well as fully concentrate myself on the task without interruption. On the other side, I also like to work from the office, which is situated in the 4th district of Vienna, next to the city center, as well as go for lunch with colleagues and exchange thoughts.

How would you describe Be AT‘s culture? 

It is a very dynamic atmosphere in the office, with teammates coming from various countries, which makes our team unique and interesting to work in. We often have good fun when exchanging thoughts on different customs, foods, and habits. Also, I appreciate the open communication between different teammates and how efficiently we collaborate with colleagues from other countries, even though we often have not met in person.

And finally… any interesting hobbies you want to share?

I love listening to music, testing and improving my Hi-Fi system, trying out the best pizza recipes, and spending time with my wife and friends.


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