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tecconTR - a multi-regulation reporting tool

tecconTR - a multi-regulatory reporting toolThe regulation of the banking industry presents banks and financial institutions with numerous challenges. The reporting requirements are complex and include various data fields, formats and reporting standards. At the same time, data quality and accuracy must be guaranteed in order to provide complete and consistent information. This requires standardisation and harmonisation of data, as information from different systems must be aggregated. In addition, deadlines must be strictly adhered to in order to submit reports to trade repositories on time. The IT infrastructure must be able to capture, store and transfer large volumes of data. Legal regulations and reporting obligations change regularly, which requires constant adjustments. Finally, cross-border and legal challenges must also be overcome, as reporting obligations often extend beyond national borders.

Efficient reporting software must have several key features. It must ensure a high level of accuracy and consistency in reporting by automating data collection. The software should also make data collection, analysis and report generation efficient in order to save time and resources. To ensure compliance, the software must retain transactions and provide an audit trail that enables a traceable review. Flexibility is also key: the software should be able to adapt to regulatory changes and new reporting requirements while providing robust data management to ensure data integrity and security. In addition, dashboards and data visualisations enable detailed analyses and provide valuable insights.


Our modular structure and simple implementation make it possible to cover all new or updated reporting requirements. We are happy to customise tecconTR flexibly to your individual customer needs. We offer continuous support and updates to ensure that your compliance requirements are met at all times.

  • Our tecconTR software solution fulfils all the requirements of efficient reporting software. Thanks to automatic data capture, tecconTR ensures a high level of accuracy and consistency in reports. The processing enables the fulfilment of reporting obligations within T+5 minutes, which saves considerable time and increases efficiency. With an integrated audit trail and the dual control principle, tecconTR ensures the highest compliance standards and transparency. Five reports are currently implemented, with another to follow shortly. This demonstrates tecconTR's ability to adapt flexibly to changing legal requirements while always remaining scalable. The use of a reference database with strong security mechanisms ensures the integrity and security of the data. In addition, tecconTR offers deep insights through its dashboard and data visualisations and enables the creation of customisable reports.

    With tecconTR, you are ideally equipped to master the complex challenges of regulatory reporting in the banking sector. Benefit from a solution that combines accuracy, efficiency and security in one powerful package.

    • Dashboard with intraday processing statistics and reports
    • Built-in adapters for CSV, XML, FIX, XLSX, XLS, FpML, MQ formats
    • Flexible receipt of data from multiple source systems
    • Flexible output to different target systems or recipients
    • Database vendor-independent JDBC connectivity (Oracle, MS/SQL,...)
    • Processing of feedback and coordination
    • Seamless integration into any IT environment
    • Adaptability to individual user requirements
    • Handling of events when sending/receiving message data
    • ISO 20022 SFTR reporting
    • Various support models
    • Regular software updates


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