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Dirk Fuchs

Dirk Fuchs

Managing Director @ Be STF Germany

What is Be Shaping The Future – Performance, Transformation, Digital GmbH?

Be is an international consulting firm operating across Europe. We are more than 1,500 employees in the group, operating at 5 locations in Germany. Our customers are large companies in the financial services sector such as Banks, stock exchanges and insurance companies. We offer consulting and technology as well as services in the IT sector. We also offer investment banking products. We provide our employees innovative projects and we combine the advantages of large and small companies. We operate internationally and have employees from over 15 nationalities in Germany. As an advantage of a smaller company, we have a very familiar atmosphere and work together constructively.

What is important at Be when it comes to hiring new employees?

We have a very wide range of services, which is why our team is composed of project managers, business consultants, and also IT consultants and software developers. Applicants should have good specialist knowledge in their area of expertise, and they should also be interested in the industry and be willing to familiarize themselves with it. The projects are very innovative and pose great challenges for the employees. It is therefore important to us that these are accepted and mastered within the framework of the project teams. You should enjoy working in teams and get involved constructively, and also take on responsibility.


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